Happy Families, Gracie and Beau (Libby/Aspen) puppy updatesGracie (front of photo) and Beau are now seven years old and we still consider them puppies! We are so thankful that we got both of them together. They are each others best friends. Beau is definitely the protector and the happiest and easy going dog we have ever had. He follows me wherever I go no matter where it is! The one thing Beau does not like doing is swimming. He is a good swimmer if we put him in the pool but won’t ever choose to go in it by himself. Gracie is the sweetest female dog we have ever had. She is very much of a pleaser. She never wants to get in trouble but when she does, she is quick to come makeup. Unlike Beau, she loves to swim and swims well. If she sees me put on my swimsuit, she runs to the back door and waits for me to take her collar off! Having never had 2 dogs at the same time, I couldn’t imagine life without one of them. They bring such joy to our life!