Lavender Oil Supports Dogs Naturally

These are a few ways Lavender Oil Supports Dogs Naturally. We’ll be adding to this over time.  Refer to our Essential Oils Support Dogs Naturally series List for more essential oil listings.


  1. Calming when there are environmental elements triggering stress (fireworks, extra company).
  2. First Aid to aid healing of minor paw irritations (dryness for example).


Lavender Oil Supports DogsMix 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil in four ounces of carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil for example). Apply a small amount to the pads of paws.

Keep the solution in a cool dark place and gently swirl a bit each time to remix.

  1. We have been spraying the bottom of their crates with lavender before shipping them to their new homes too.
  2. We utilize lavender during crate training and shipping, as well as diffuse it during thunderstorms.

In our post “Why Dogs Fear Noises” we mention lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender Oil Supports Dogs

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