essential oils support dogs naturally purify kennel spray DIY Kennel Mist recipeDIY Kennel Spray Fresh Mist Recipe for removing odors and freshening up surfaces. This treatment will Freshen the kennel, indoor play area, and furniture where your dog (or your dog’s supplies) have been.


–You’ll need a glass (or BPA Free plastic) mist container.
1 quart distilled water
5 drops Purify Essential Oil
–Mix water and essential oil together gently.
Mist lightly as needed to freshen up.
Keep in a dark cool place.
–Swirl to remix again each time you use it (the oil and water may separate).

Additional Uses for Kennel Spray

Kennel Spray can replace foul odors quickly and be an effective cleaner throughout the home. Use the spray to clean countertops (mist and wipe off), add a few drops of the essential oil (without the water dilution) to the last rinse cycle of your washing machine to remove orders from clothing.  All Naturally!

Essential Oils for Dogs Series

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