Instant Pet GrandparentsInstant Pet Grandparents When Children Have Pets

When children have pets the parents become instant pet Grandparents! The role of the Grandparent varies depending on the pet parent (child’s) age and abilities. In other words, when children have pets the parents are ultimately the caregivers who will be available to guide their child, take on the caregiving periodically, and if needed take on the primary caregiver role.

Wisteria Goldens’ Families are our pride and joy. We do what we do because we love to see how much joy our English Cream Golden Retrievers bring to each forever home they join. We are occasionally asked about children having pets. We might generally answer “Yes and No”. But, let’s discuss this a bit more.

We’d like to provide a basic list of what this concept means to us. When children have pets… their parents become Instant Pet Grandparents! And at times they may have all the responsibility while the child is primarily a ‘sibling’ rather than a pet parent.

How to Prepare a Child to be a Pet Parent

  1. Provide quality training materials,
  2. Engage in the process of learning the materials together.
  3. Prepare the pet’s living areas (feeding/watering, sleeping, playing, grooming, nurturing)
  4. Evaluate the options to determine which pet is best suited for the lifestyle and personality of the family.
  5. Select a pet and bring her home.
  6. Practice together applying the lessons you have studied together.
  7. Gradually give the daily care and nurturing routine to your child
  8. Check in to ensure day to day routines are working out well
  9. Take on the financial responsibility (if applicable) to ensure the pet is receiving nourishing food, health care, and
  10. Be available to enjoy the love and companionship a pet provides a family.

This is an outline, which we could add to over time. It is important to know if your child is ready for the responsibility of having a pet, and understand you have to take over or share the caregiver role. So if you ask us what our thoughts are about children having pets we will say it depends.  The answer is a resounding YES when the grownups are resolved to stepping up as Instant Pet Grandparents.

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