Door-Handle-0032010 Memory: Close the Door.

Originally Posted on January 10, 2017. Are our English Cream Golden Retrievers NOT aware that it is winter time? Well, even it is was summer time, they need to learn to close the door behind them! We have level door handles that our dogs have learned how to push down, push the door in and come on it. Now, this has only been a from the outside coming in problem — until recently.

Rory, has learned to push down, pull open and go outside! If they would ONLY close the door behind them, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

The other night I was in my office working and it was getting REALLY hot in here. I thought it very unusual that Billy would have cranked up the heat, but upon investigation found our kitchen door standing wide open! It was only 17 degrees outside. Boy, do I hate to get that heating bill!

Not sure how to teach them how to close the door behind them, any ideas? What is that my mom used to yell at us kids? “Close the door, you weren’t born in a barn!” Well, neither are our English Cream Golden Retrievers.