The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners

The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners

When using essential oils aromatically the first time, I suggest you try the aromatic essential oil test for dog owners. In this episode of our Essential Oils for Dogs series we provide an Aromatic Essential Oil Test Step by Step, Discuss how to let your dog choose an essential oil, and share three more of our favorite oils for our dogs.  If you haven’t read the other episodes in this series or would like a link list to reference them, you will find a list at the end of this post.

Aromatic Essential Oil Test Step by Step

  1. Place a drop of essential oil on a cotton ball and
  2. put it in the room to determine your dog’s reaction.
  3. The closer to the cotton ball your dog lingers the more certain you can be he is aware of the benefits.
  4. Once you have determined the essential oil you would like to use, and the dog also approves, you can move forward to using a diffuser.

We Can Ask the Dog to Choose an Essential Oil

You may also consider letting your dog choose an essential oil method. Your dog knows which oil will be most beneficial and you can ask her by using two different oils (one drop each on separate cotton balls). Place one on one side of a room and another on the other side of a room. Place them out of reach but, watch your dog to find out which side of the room she is drawn to.

Three more of our favorite essential oils

  1. Tea Tree – Antiseptic, Antibacterial, skin irritations, first aid.
  2. Chamomile – Calming, Soothing, Analgesic, can be used diluted (coconut oil or olive oil) to calm teething pain.
  3. Thyme – Antiviral, Antifungal, excellent for infections.

Important Warning

Keep Essential Oils out of eyes, mouth, ears, and nose when using topically.

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Our pets are benefiting from essential oils, as we use them because they are in close proximity to us. We can listen to them and provide opportunities, noting what works, and listening to our intuition about what they like the best.

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