Dog GiftsDog Gifts and Gifts for Dog Owners

When you are shopping for Dog Gifts, be sure to explore these ideas. We have gathered resources from a variety of our favorites (blog posts) to give you a quick review of our recommendations over the past few years.

Dog Gifts

Gift Sets

We have a favorite gift set for our dogs and during the holidays it is a favorite with our families as well. The special Holiday sets do sell out quick. However, Dog Gifts are available year round.

Food Treats

Treats are always welcome. We highly discourage table scraps or treats that aren’t healthy (unregulated and questionable ingredients) so we recommend Healthy Treats here.


Thinking about toys for dogs should include construction, materials used, durability, and of course, the dog must love them. We recently found an organic toy maker who we are going to recommend. Find out more here.


Be sure all dog supplies are a good fit, are durable, well constructed (for comfort and safety) and are suitable for the age and size of the dog. This topic could be expanded into a full article.  In brief, explore customer ratings and concerns. If you would like assistance ask us for information about specific items you are shopping for.


Ramps, crates, and other equipment options need to be well constructed and safe. This could be a full article as well.

Themed Dog Gifts

Themed Gift Ideas are available in many categories. Some of the favorite Dog Gifts are dog themed coffee mugs, blankets, and apparel. Explore the items for quality materials and read other customer’s reviews before buying. In apparel be sure to check customer’s ratings of the sizing. This will allow you to determine if an item’s size runs right, or smaller/larger than normal. This link takes you to a larger selection.

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