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Bathing Dogs is a discussion I have with our families when I am asked about how to, and how often, to bathe an English Cream Golden Retriever. This Dog Bath Guide isn’t specific to English Cream Golden, however, if you are not an English Cream Golden Retriever owner please consult your veterinarian for specific instructions based on your dog’s breed, health, and coat.

Don’t over bathe. An English Cream Golden Retriever has a coat with layers which (depending on the season) will provide warmth or coolness. Over bathing dries their skin out, damages their cost and causes more shedding. Let’s first discuss coat care.

Dog Bath Guide — Coat Care

I begin with healthy coat care in-between bathing which includes:

Dog Bath Guide — How Often to Bathe an English Cream Golden Retriever

I only bathe them when they start smelling like a dog. Haha. Really only once a month to two months–especially if they are mainly inside and not rolling in the mud or cow pies. The ASPCA suggests bathing “at least once every three months” Read More Here When you are using Coat Care (as outlined above) then bathing isn’t needed as frequently and your dog’s coat and skin are healthy.

Dog Bath Guide — Conclusion Summary

Collectively the suggestions and my routine are:

  • Bathe your Golden every 6-12 weeks using quality dog shampoo.
  • Follow the coat care routine to remove debris from coats and aid in distributing your dog’s natural skin oils, and
  • Use Fresh Mist if you want to freshen up in-between bathing.

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