Zeke (Harmony/Thor)Zeke (Harmony/Thor) is beyond a doubt the best pet of any kind we’ve ever owned!  Zeke is soon to be 8 months old and there is nothing we ask that he will not do.  He leashes perfectly, he sits on command, he will down and stay until given the free command (so far 25 minutes,) he will fetch and return ball after circling and sitting at left side, he walks close on all sides, and he does about turns quickly.  He wil sit with objects thrown to distract his attention and will not move until given free command.  He has never used the bathroom in our home…never!  From the beginning, he comes to you and gives one of two signals when he needs to go outside for a potty break…this we did not teach him.

He sleeps at the foot of our bed at night or in his kennel….just say kennel and he will go straight into his quarters.  When visitors come to our house…he is excited to greet them…after introductions, say quiet and he lays down.  This dog loves to learn.  He is remarkable by any definition…he is a member of our family…he loves our grandkids and they love Zeke.

Finally, he is worth every penny we paid and he can’t be bought at any price.  Our vet says he is the best behaved dog that visits his clinic and by far the most beautiful.  We walk or work with him daily…in the park or pet store people gravitate to him and ask if they can pet him…Zeke eats the attention up.  It’s as though he knows when we are talking about him…he’s a remarkable friend and member of our family.  To our eye, he is a clone of Thor.

Neal & Linda P.