Ramp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by StepRamp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by Step

The training tips in Ramp Training Guide Socialization Exercise Step by Step are designed to allow your pet to become comfortable with an incline as well as the ramp. This is suited for puppies over 10 weeks old and dogs of any age.

Ramps are good for a dog who:

1) Needs assistance climbing steps,

2) Is in training for obstacle courses, or

3) Needs assistance getting in and out of vehicles (the back of an SUV for example).

Ramp Training Guide Safety

Make sure the ramp is secure before prompting the dog to get on it. Read all instructions. Check the ramp each time you begin training to ensure no foreign objects are present and the ramp is secure.

Ramp Training Guide Exercises

1. First Step: You will walk your dog on the ramp (end to end) while it is lying flat on the ground. You can prompt, assist, use a collar, etc. You may also give her verbal cues such as ”Walk Up” or “walk down” (thinking ahead to the time when the ramp will be at an incline – choose the command to fit the ramp design and take note of Which side will be ‘up’ later on).

If you have used a collar, remove the collar and practice without it awhile as well.

2. Next, Second Step: Now you will use a sturdy object to prop up the ramp about six to eight inches. This will create a slight incline. Repeat the exercises you practiced while the ramp was laying flat.

Resume using a collar (and short lead) be careful the dog doesn’t step off of the ramp to avoid injury or become startled.

Keep in mind each step of the training may take a few practice sessions over several days. Don’t move to the next step of the training until your dog is comfortable with the step you are currently on.

3. Third Step:

Raise the ramp between six to eight inches higher. Repeat the practice exercises.

Continue to raise the ramp gradually until it is the incline you want your dog to be using (Will the ramp be placed over steps or used to get into a vehicle or another purpose)

Ramp Training Guide Buyer’s Guide

Choose a ramp which

  • Is designed for a weight over your dog’s full grown weight. In other words at least 50 lbs over your dog’s expected adult weight.
  • Has slip resistant surface,
  • Has a good design so it will not move while the dog is climbing up or down,
  • Is retractable so it can be adjusted for multiple uses (stairs, vehicle, etc.), and
  • Has a good customer review record. You can look up reviews for just about any product on the market today. When a review has a low score be sure to read what the customer said about it…it may simply be not suited to their needs.

Where to buy a ramp.

This is one ramp which meets the criteria we would use to buy a ramp. Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp