new puppy perfect nameOne of the countless questions I hear from new puppy owners is “How do we decide on a perfect name for our new puppy?” There are many great and fun ways to discover your new puppy’s perfect name. I’ve gathered together our Top Five ways to discover your new puppy’s perfect name. We would love to hear your ideas as well. Please leave a comment in the box below with your idea.

The avenues to discover the perfect name for your new puppy are numerous. These are a few to spark your own ideas. Personality, distinguishing features, pedigree, history, seasons, and family favorites are explained more below.

New Puppy Perfect Name Five Name Discovery Ideas


Puppies are born with their own individual personality. When we have been holding and handling and introducing to foundational socialization, each week we observe and write down our observations on personality, so we can relay this information to their forever family at six weeks. Names to highlight a personality trait might include: Angel, Harmony, Happy, Halo, or Strider.

Distinguishing Features

At newborn distinguishing features are a bit elusive. We begin to see individual features in appearance and personality as the weeks go by, and we have the opportunity to get to know each puppy a bit better.

When we begin individual time and introduction to socialization features become easier to notice as well. As you look at your puppy you will notice an appearance characteristic which may spark an idea for a name. There are many names associated with color, texture, and distinguishable postures (often linked to personality). Goldie, Snow, or Honor.


When you want to give your new puppy a name, to honor her pedigree, a study of her family history can provide amazing ideas to get you started. At Wisteria Goldens Ranch we have both Sire and Dame family tree names on each of our dogs pedigree pages.

There are many ways to use this approach. One way is to explore the family tree and pick something you like. Another idea is to combine names from different family members such as your new puppy’s mother and father or grandparents. For example: One idea for Ego and Sunny’s litter, a girl’s name might be “Faith’s Secret” which is a combination of grandparent’s names. Don’t forget to explore both Sire and Dame pedigree pages for both girl’s and boy’s names ideas.


There are many names in history (fiction, mythology, and Non-Fiction) which are a great way to combine a learning journey with the family with finding a great name for your new puppy. There are many amazing dogs’ names in mythology, science, history, and literature. Names like Thor and Nike for example are from mythology. You can expand the journey to a long term informational journey or do a few internet searches to get a list of name ideas.


The time of year (Summer, April), Geo location (River, Camper), Sports Season (Catcher, Coach), or your personal favorite holiday (Holly, Sunny, Valentine, or Clover) can be a start to discovering perfect name options. Seasonal activities, events, or a celebration can be areas to explore for name ideas. Don’t forget to explore seasonal entertainment as well. You may find the perfect puppy name in a holiday movie or music favorite.

New Puppy Perfect Name Family Focus Group

Family Favorites

Now that you have done a bit of research: Have a puppy naming gathering.

Have a family meet-up to discuss the names each member of your family likes. Just about everyone will want to share something they have thought about. They might have had a favorite character (cartoon or television show) or they met a companion dog at some time and loved his/her name.

Pass out paper and have a formal naming focus group with your family. Nominate the favorites. When the favorites are narrowed down to two or three decide how to make a decision or give your puppy more than one name. Nike’s page may give you some ideas.

Share your New Puppy’s Perfect Name or Name Finding Idea

Which of these ideas to name your new puppy sound the most helpful to you and your family? We would love to hear your ideas and how you have discovered your new puppy’s perfect name.

We love to provide information to our families to support and increase optimal health of their puppies, as well as into adulthood increasing the longevity of their life!

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