Help us make some noise about the Good Dog Autism Dog Training campaign to get the word out.The Good Dog! project, Companion Service Dogs for Children With Autism, has been testing and implementing remarkable possibilities. After discovering how much their own child improved, when he received his first companion dog, they couldn’t wait to make a difference for other children with autism.  The experience has been life changing for at least 16 more children with autism.

They have helped to improve the quality of life for these children because the service dog was available, trained and ready, to address the specific challenges children with autism have.  “The dog is like a bridge to connect the child with the world” said the founder of Good Dog! He expressed gratitude for the improvement in his own son’s life and is dedicated to help other children and their families as well. This is where we can all help the Good Dog vision become a reality.

Companion Service Dogs Children With Autism Fundraiser.

Good Dog! Solutions, a service dog project, is doing a fundraiser to buy and train service dogs for children with autism.

The project has a great network of professionals to help them understand the child’s needs, train the puppy to help the child, and to train family about the dog. Service dogs are companion dogs that have specialized training. This project is focused on filling the needs of autistic children and selecting puppies to work with them.

With the right funding this project can get more dogs trained and into the program and ultimately into the families they will help sooner.

Companion Service Dogs Children With Autism Wisteria Ranch

We have had two different families with an autistic child come and get a puppy from us. It was such a wonderful experience. We loved watching how much of a difference it made in a short period of time to their children having this special connection with their puppy.

One family came to select a puppy with their daughter. We had three older puppies available and we (Billy & I) and the parents watched how the puppies interacted with their daughter. It was amazing to see one of the puppies make a visible connection with her. He would go lay by her when she lay on the floor or across her chest. It was intimate and words cannot describe how touching it was to watch the process. We have seen many puppies ‘pick’ their families over the years, but this was different, this was an intuitive spiritual process that we were honored to be a part of.

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