Blind Veterans Service Dogs

Blind Veterans Service Dogs

We have discussed several assistance dog topics over the years and this time we are going to focus on More Jobs for Dogs – Blind Veterans Service Dogs. We did some checking into a service for Blind Veterans to find out if there are programs to assist them with getting a service dog.

According to the resources found here at,  there are assistance programs to help blind veterans in the process and ongoing expenses of getting and caring for a service dog. The site explains what kind of expenses may be covered under Veterans assistance programs, and which expenses are not covered.

The article on also describes how to apply for assistance with getting a service dog for a blind veteran.  Other important information includes the difference between a service dog and a companion dog.

We hope you will also explore the articles (listed below in the Previous Articles list) which we have created to explore the varied skills a service dog may acquire with training. When you are looking for a service dog or helping a family member or friend look for a service dog, start a list of the tasks during daily living which are most challenging for the person.

We are still amazed when we hear of a new task a service dog has been trained to do. Not exactly surprised, as we know our dogs are brilliant, but we are amazed and proud of the handlers and trainers for thinking outside the box and developing training exercises to communicate the task they are asking the dog to do.

As we have said before…

“Training curriculum for assistance dogs includes a wide range of skills including; obstacle identification, response, socialization, personality and behavior, and communication ability. Goldens are naturally well suited because of their desire to be companion dogs and to assist. They are also well suited as guide dogs because they are strong enough to communicate with body language.” English Cream Golden Retriever Guide Dog

And, regarding therapy dogs…

“The training is specific and relatively similar to other therapy dog program certifications. When your dog becomes a registered therapy dog the scope of the service you can provide together is astonishing. “English Cream Golden Retriever Library Jobs

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