golden-puppy-photoHave you ever wondered why being around dogs can be so comforting and healing? Think back to some circumstances in your life. Have you ever seen a service dog come into a hospital room to have the patient absolutely light up with joy?

Did you notice that dogs were taken in to lend comfort to the survivors of the Newtown school shooting? Gentle-faced golden retrievers are used quite frequently to lend comfort and support in times of crisis because of their gentle, loving natures.

The Healing Power of Dogs Training

Dogs are trained to be service dogs, but their native intuition makes them wonderful therapy dogs without much training at all. They are the best listeners and lovers on the planet and all ages of humans respond to their attention. Unlike humans who feel the need to “say something,” dogs are just “there,” quietly and attentively listening and then acknowledging what is said to them with a loving response – a nudge of the head or a lick.

Service dogs don’t often display any kind of fear toward strangers, so their loyalty and affection are perfect when it comes to total acceptance and they can move forward fearlessly into situations even a therapy-trained human would find emotionally uncomfortable.

The Healing Power of Dogs Intuition

Did you know that the very simple act of petting dogs helps us humans to decrease stress, to breathe more easily and to lower blood pressure? Unlike medication for these symptoms, there are no side effects.

Dogs have an inbred sense of who is in the most trouble. It’s uncanny to see a dog enter a room where people are talking, laughing and crying. The dog more often than not will go to the one person who is crying and offer solace. This is the sign of a true healer.

The national organization Pet Partners has 11,000 registered teams of volunteer handlers and animals that visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and victims of tragedy and disaster. What a wonderful service they perform. Sometimes, if a therapist and one of the victims are in a room, the conversation between them is helped when a dog is also brought in, because it helps the victim feel better about talking.

It’s wonderful to have those who love us around during times when we really need support. But somehow, it’s not quite the same as having dogs around for the same reason. Dogs are more uncomplicated and there’s a wonderful increase in human endorphins when they’re brought on to the scene. The accuracy of their intuition is uncanny, but no one doubts the benefits they bring.

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