IMG_2443-1024x768We are painfully aware sometimes that the communication we want, need, and really do require to keep our pets happy does not happen in human words. We use human words to speak to them but they cannot reciprocate with human words. There’s only one option: you’ve got to learn to speak their language, be that Pekinese, Boxer, Golden, or Chihuahua.

English Cream Golden Retriever Language Training Tips

Dog language is a matter of silent movements. You have to learn to watch their ears, tails, fur, and the sounds they make. One of my assistants has cats and her cat stands beside her office chair and makes a very distinct sound that means “Stand up, and go over to that door and open it. I want to go outside.” Your dogs speak this language, too, and to learn the vernacular, all you have to do is to become a keen observer. Here are some tips:

  • Watch the tail wagging. Some animal scientists have discovered that when your dog’s tail wags more to the right, he or she feels positive about you or the situation. Left, not so much.
  • A slow, more stiff tail wag means “warning; something’s not quite right here.”
  • When your dog is confident, his tail is up. When he’s experiencing a negative emotion, his tail is down between his back legs.

English Cream Golden Retriever Language

What other silent messages is your dog bringing to you? Does he run up to you and then back to another area? He’s trying to tell you something about that area. If his toy rolls under the couch, does he stand in front of you and look under the couch? His eyes are tell you right where to look. If he’s thirsty and there isn’t water set out, or perhaps he prefers it fresh, does he go to the sink and give you “the look?” Are you watching carefully where your dog points his nose? It contains a message to you.

English Cream Golden Retriever Language Puppies

Golden Retriever puppies and your dog can help you to unfold stronger powers of observation that you can subsequently use in other areas of your life. You might become a better painter because of it, or a better parent, or a better worker bee in your job. All this from observing your pet’s communication with you. What a happy pet you’d have, too, and how much more harmony will exist in your home. We enjoy an interesting game to play with children: see who can learn new “words” in dog talk just by observing.

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