Puppies and Ex-Pens

Puppies and Ex-Pens

An ex-pen is commonly called an exercise pen or dog/puppy playpen. We utilize ex-pens a lot when raising puppies. They are “play pens” that are a protected area to put the puppy in when you are not available to watch them.

Connect crates and  puppies ex-pens

We attach one end of the ex-pen to a wire crate, which creates an area for play and sleep.

Here are pictures of our set up:


We love security!

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Ways to Use Puppies Ex-Pen

Check your ex-pen for suggested uses and ensure they are appropriate for indoor and/or outdoor use.

  • Unsupervised times when you are not watching your puppy.
  • Socialization to introduce your puppy to a new environment.
  • Rest time
  • Create a connected set of crates and pens for added space within the pen boundaries.

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  1. […] You can also close off doors into rooms where he doesn’t need to be when you first bring him home. Let him earn that right through good behavior. Baby gates across open doorways is another way to manage where you want him to be until he gets more accustomed to living in his new home. While he’s learning, you might consider utilizing an ex-pen/crate set up as well to create a playpen area for when you are not actively engaged with him. They are what we use here at Wisteria Goldens for while raising our English Cream Goldens puppies. You can see our set up here: Puppies & Ex-pens […]

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