Dr Sarah Biking with Your DogTM Training

Dr Sarah Biking with Your DogTM Training

Dr Sarah has created this amazing video training to show how to safely go biking with your dog. The information includes basics and tips to ensure you and your dog are safe while enjoying a bike ride together. Dr. Sarah’s Pet Talk series video Biking with Your Dog.

Biking with The Dog

Much like we prepare ourselves for exercise activities it is important to prepare ourselves and our pets for exercising as well.

IMPORTANT: Running and Biking are NOT safe for English Cream Goldens until they are fully grown — around 18 months or older. Allow their body to fully develop before you take them running or biking (or other high impact exercise) to prevent injuries or physical developmental problems.

Preparing ourselves and our dog for exercise activities is important for safe and enjoyable results. Take time to ensure your dog is socialized to each of the situations you may encounter along the way. Minimize surprises so both of you are confident and enjoy the experience.

Biking Preparation Thoughts

Before you take your dog biking there are a few important concerns to address.

  1. Is your dog prepared physically? Have you built up to an exercise routine which would make the biking experience a healthy activity for your dog.
  2. Is your dog prepared socially? Have you practiced elements of the route together (obstacles, people, children, umbrellas for example). These are only a few of the encounters you may experience.
  3. Is the weather conducive to an enjoyable ride/run? Consider biking with you dog during moderate weather conditions (not when it is too hot or too cold). For example… In summer find the coolest time of the day and in winter plan to bike during the warmest. Avoid overheating or overcooling.

A few basics to take along for your dog: water, a treat, your clicker, a collar and leash, and other supplies you may need to comfort, redirect, or socialize your dog.

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