Creative Story ChallengeCreative Story Challenge and Match Quiz. Write your creative story about your dog. Find the Match The Star Quiz and match the famous dog star with the show. HINT: The quiz answers are at the end of the post.

These talented critters went through extensive training with their handlers. Socialization is top of the list because a movie set has dozens of personnel milling about at all times and the dog has to be accepting of this. Some dogs get so curious about the equipment and people that it cannot focus on its commands, so you can see how socialization becomes very important. These dogs had to be taken into all manner of situations by their trainers from a very early age. If you have stardom dreams for your pet, you’ve got to get it to obey commands in the middle of very busy environments. Take him with you wherever you go and teach him to obey commands in different locations.

There’s a long list of movie and television stars that just happen to be dogs. We’ve created a little quiz for you just for fun and to see if you can match the star with his best show.

Match The Star With The Show

[one_half]The “Canine” Movie Star

  1. Asta
  2. Beasley
  3. Toto
  4. Spike
  5. Pal
  6. Milo
  7. Rando
  8. Higgins
  9. Buddy


[one_half_last]The Show

Old Yeller
The Thin Man
Air Bud
The Wizard of Oz
Turner and Hooch
The Mask


Imagine the training it took for the Marley and Me movie. There were 22 dog actors used for the role and they had to “achieve their inner bad boy” to act the ornery dog Marley’s role. Mark Forbes, their trainer said: “I remember the very first day, we had a scene where Jen is bringing Marley home, and we were using Clyde and we rehearsed it. She unclipped him, and he ran in, he jumped up on the kitchen table, did a circle, licked Owen in the face, and ran out of the room. From that day forward, [director] David [Frankel] would never let us rehearse, especially Clyde. We’d just let [the dogs] go do what they were going do in their own little Marley way.”

Your dog must be taught to obey commands from a distance with both hand and verbal cues due to the demands on the set. It’s quite challenging for the dog, but it is a highly lucrative position, and worth all the effort it takes.

Creative Story Challenge

Let’s have some creative fun! If your dog had played a leading role in a book or movie what would it be about? Tell us about your dog’s role in our Creative Story Challenge. You can make up the story yourself and then share with us on Facebook. Tell us, in a paragraph or two, about the story line, the lesson, and is it a comedy or a drama. Add photos if you would like. Be creative and have fun!

Match Quiz Answers: Here are the correct answers to the quiz above: 4, 8, 1, 9, 3, 7, 2, 6, 5. How did you do?

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