Better Skin Health Tips As the seasons change, it is a great idea to revisit great tips for dog health. In this video, Dr. Sarah discusses Better Skin Health Tips to explore. Some highlights include:

Some highlights include:

  • The similarities and the differences between our pet’s skin and our own.
  • Skin changes and possible causes such as bites or allergies.
  • Sensitivities based on age and environment.

Better Skin Health Tips with Dr Sarah Video

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As the seasons change, it is important to think about our pet’s skin care.  Tips for Better Skin Health explores ways to care for a dog’s skin, how to check for potential issues, and what to do when an issue is detected.

Skin Health can be maintained with simple tips and routines. Being aware of potential issues and how and when to check for them gives us better results. Healthy skin means happier pets.

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