Teach your dog the stay command a training by wisteria goldensTeach your dog the “Stay” command to build upon your communication and relationship building process. This is an important foundational training to build self-confidence and provide guidance ensuring safety.

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Teaching your dog to “stay” works best when they have already mastered the sit or down command.  We use stay most often with the down command knowing we want our dog to down/stay for a bit.  We use the “wait” command when we want them to stop immediately and not move forward until we “release” them, most often when we open a door.

Teach Your Dog the Stay Command

  1. While your dog is in the ‘down’ position say “stay.”   You want to work on duration vs distance at first. So, if he doesn’t move from the place you have given the down command in a couple of seconds — click and treat, adding time slowly.  Once you know your dog understands what is being asked, slowly back away a few steps and if your dog doesn’t move forward to come with you click and treat.  This is “capturing” the behavior of staying still and not moving or coming with you as you back away.  Increase your steps and time in 15-30 second increments.  Click and treat as the behavior is given.  If the dog gets up and follows, walk (without talking) back to the mat or place you want him and ask for down.
  2. Increase the time you would like him to ‘stay’ by short increments (15-30 seconds). A puppy’s max maybe two minutes and increases as he matures and gets older.

Add distractions to your training routine, so that your dog learns to listen to your voice and commands vs what is happening around him.

Using the ‘down’ and ‘stay’ commands are intended to be routine practice dog training guides to insure you are able to communicate when you are having dinner, company, or a situation where your dogs needs to stay in a certain area or on a bed/mat.

We use the “wait” command when there maybe a safety issue arise. Mastering an immediate “wait” can provide you the ability to stop your dog immediately.

When you have successfully learned to communicate down, stay, and wait be sure to find opportunities to practice it in daily routines.

These are some examples:

  1. Have her wait 15 seconds between the time you open the door and you walk her outside.
  2. Have him wait for 30 seconds between the time you open the car door and he gets out.
  3. Use the ‘down’ and ‘stay’ commands when you need him to lay quietly beside you, stay on this mat, or in another room.

To learn more visit ClickerTraining.com – http://www.clickertraining.com/node/868

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