Teach your dog the down command a guide to dog training from wisteria goldensTeach Your Dog the ‘down’ command is a guide to communication and dog training. The down command is one of the communication words which will build upon others and provide a foundation for your dog’s basic training.

The next training will be ‘stay’ to companion with the ‘down’ training. Click here to read more.

Training Tips: Teach your dog the ‘Down’ command.

Clicker Training is about “capturing” a behavior you want from your puppy/dog and then clicking and treating that behavior.  This is done until the dog purposely does the behavior knowing he will receive a click/treat.    Teaching down can be completely by “capturing” the behavior.  You can do this by sitting down and ignoring your dog until your dog settles and lies down — click, treat, repeat.

Or you can do this by “luring” your puppy/dog down into a down position with a treat and once in the down position, click and give the treat.

Once the behavior is done purposely and knowingly, add the command “down” (or whatever word you choose) with a hand gesture (palm flat with a slightly raised arm moving down)  You click and treat when the dog is in the complete down position.

The next step is to “wean” off the clicker and then the treat.  It is important to practice this command in different areas of the house and outside in different locations and distractions.   After the “weaning” off of the clicker/treat you will provide occasional/random treats for doing the command when requesting it.

For more information you can visit ClickerTraining.com: Here

After mastering the the “down” command, you can then add the “stay” command. Watch for Teach your dog the ‘Stay’ command in two days.

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