Health Risk Vaccination Immunization Testing IFAHealth Risk Vaccination Immunization Testing IFA (immunofluorescence antibody),  in other words immunity testing, is a discussion about the importance of testing for immunity before vaccinating. This is a basic overview of the discussion which we highly recommend you discuss with your veterinarian in detail.

There are two kinds of diseases. There are some diseases which do not require repeated vaccinations ( when positive titer testing reveals immunity) and there are some diseases which do require a periodic vaccine to ensure our dogs do not contract or shed the disease to other pets or in some cases humans.

The health risk concern arises when a dog is immune (because previous immunizations have been given and the titer test reveals immunity) and the dog is given more vaccine anyway. It has become a common practice to give a vaccine without testing for immunity. Ask your veterinarian to test your dog for IFA (immunofluorescence antibody) before getting that routine booster shot!

It is important to know which diseases can be tested and have a test done before you immunize to find out if the IF antibody is positive.

Health Risk Vaccination Immunization Testing IFA

Vaccinations Basic Examples

Important — Not All Diseases Test Positive. These are diseases which are currently recommended for periodic re-vaccination because (at this point in time) dogs aren’t developing long term immunity to them.

  • Lyme disease
  • Kennel Cough
  • Canine Influenza

Immunizations Basic Examples

Important — Some Diseases DO Test Positive. These are diseases you will want to discuss possible titer testing to determine if your dog has developed an IFA (immunofluorescence antibody). When an antibody is present at the desired levels then there is no need to immunize. It is often possible to discover long term immunity in a few weeks of having the immunization.

  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Adenovirus

Get the test before you repeat immunizations.

Remember before you take your dog for an immunization; discuss the IFA options with your veterinarian, to determine your dog’s current immunity. It isn’t necessary (and potentially a health risk) to give an immunization to a dog when she has already developed an immunity.  Dr. Karen Becker reported there were immunity durations; they called Sterile Immunity, which were between 7 years up to a lifetime.

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Health Risk Vaccination Immunization Testing IFA

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