On Cue Communication Development Avoiding These 3 Most Common Mistakes Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Training Getting Lifestyle Right series We would like to help you avoid the 3 Mistakes Most Pet Parents Make with this Communication Building discussion. Communication Building is a process of teaching your dog the behaviors you want and gradually expanding on the mode of relaying your desires using sound (verbal commands), movement (hand gestures, eye contact, & body language), and rewards (treats, toys, quality time together).

Imagine dog training is a series of experiences you have with your dog which gradually increase the development of your dog’s self confidence as a result of your consistent guidance and feedback.

In many of our previous discussions we have touched on the value of an English Cream Golden Retriever’s desire to please us and our responsibility to be clear, consistent, and positive about what pleases us.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What pleases you?
  2. How do you clearly communicate this to your dog?

3 Mistakes Most Pet Parents Make List

In the beginning your responsibility is to find opportunities to show your pleasure in your dog’s behavior which you will consistently (now and a year from now) be pleased about.

  1. 10 and 60 Same Dog: One of the mistakes some pet owners make is they appear to be pleased with behavior they will want to change later. A tiny 10 pound puppy jumping on the kids (results in laughter and encouragement) vs a short year later when a 60 pound dog is jumping on the kids (brings separation and confusion). When you are making a list of what pleases you think it through.
  2. A Rose is a Rose: Toys you provide for your dog to play with should not look like things people do not want their dogs chewing on. One shoe you are tossing out looks like another brand new shoe you wanted to wear to work today.
  3. Conflicting Cue: When your dog has seemingly understood your cue, you celebrate, and moments later you are confused because she seems to not know what you are communicating. Remember there are several communication avenues (voice, reward, eye contact, gestures, etc.) but, did you overlook a cue you weren’t aware of? Was a television on? Was there a sound, gesture, or element of the environment unnoticed by you?

If you believe there maybe conflicting cues, but, you are unable to discover what the conflicting cues are, it may be helpful to ask a friend to observe you or set up a video recording and watch it yourself later.

3 Mistakes Most Pet Parents Make Conclusion

  1. Think ahead. What you desire today should be what you will desire a year or a decade from now.
  2. Be observant about similarities between toys and your personal belongings.
  3. Be observant of the environment when you are determining cues of encouragement.

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