On Cue Communication Development 14 Basic Behaviors Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Training Getting Lifestyle Right seriesThis is 14 Basic On Cue Behaviors List of Dog Training Commands you can incorporate into your training practice sessions with your dog. Remember to use the gradual process discussed in our previous post (On Cue Communication Development for Dog Training) to gradually build understanding. Watch for each of these behaviors and respond at the level of training you are currently practicing (Examples: Clicker, Reward, Verbal Command, Hand or Body Signals (motion), and/or Eye Moment).

These 14 Basic On Cue Behaviors commonly naturally accrue during your day.  If they don’t you may eventually need to lure your dog into a situation to practice them. The “Let’s Socialize to Create Opportunities to Practice” section (below) will give you ideas about how to lure your dog into situations to practice these 14 Basic On Cue Behaviors.

14 Basic On Cue Behaviors to watch for and immediately respond

  1. Wait: When doors are opening (house, car, or crate).
  2. Come
  3. Sit
  4. Down
  5. Stay: Begin with 30 seconds and increase duration gradually.
  6. Touch: Teaching how and when it is okay to touch encourages manners.
  7. Heel: When you are out for a walk.
  8. Off
  9. Drop it
  10. Leave it
  11. No
  12. Yes
  13. Get Busy (potty training)
  14. Go to Bed

Let us know what training discussion you would like us to post about.

14 Basic On Cue Behaviors Socialization Opportunities to Practice

Create these six socialization opportunities to practice training commands while socializing as well. Socialization Training is a process to provide your dog with familiarity in a variety of situations and build self confidence. This socialization checklist is a basic starter list.

  • Handling: Learning to be comfortable with examinations of eyes, ears, teeth, gums, toes, belly, and hugging. These experiences will make visits to the veterinarian and groomer more pleasant for your dog and for the technicians.
  • New People: Introduce your dog to new people of different ages, clothing styles, gear (backpacks, canes, sunglasses, etc.).
  • New Pets: Introduce your dog to unfamiliar dogs and other pets.
  • New Sounds: Explore your environment for objects that make sounds. This may be the coffee maker, water running, doorbell, television, vacuum cleaner, and so on. Also explore potential sounds you will encounter when you take your dog to appointments or walking. Often sounds can be practiced by finding them on videos online.
  • New Surfaces: Waling across a floor, carpet, stone steps, gravel, grass, dirt, puddles, and so on are common socialization practices. Gradually introduce each new surface and consistently provide feedback which will build your On Cue Communication development.
  • New Environments: Traveling to a park has different opportunities than going to a veterinarian appointment. Practice as many of the elements of an anticipated journey before you leave home.  Socializing for new environments often encompasses many, if not all, of the above socialization list.

What socialization situations would you like discussed in our blog?

Which commands would you like to explore?

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