Grandmas Sweater BedWe saw a video about making a dog bed out of a sweater and the idea for the article Grandmas Sweater Bed was born. Our dogs love to be with us everywhere. When we are apart (while we are running errands for example) we have seen how comforting it is for our dogs to have something of ours with them. This may be a toy we have played with together that day.

This is an especially fun project to make a bed for a puppy. The lovely thing about a sweater puppy bed is we can choose a sweater which has been one of our favorites and up-cycle it into a dog bed. Our dog will sense it is ours and provide comfort while we are not close at hand. The video instructions are included below.

Grandmas Sweater Bed Video

The project is a great idea to work on with the whole family.

  1. Select a sweater ,
  2. Gather supplies,
  3. Watch the video (below) once through before you begin,
  4. Watch the video again while you work and pause often as you create,
  5. Introduce your puppy to his new bed!

The completed bed size will vary depending on the size of the sweater. Make this bed for your English Cream Golden Retriever puppy to provide her with a place she can retreat for nap time in the area where you relax during the day.

Set the bed out of drafts and traffic areas but within view of a family area (living room or den for example). This can be a daybed for your puppy to rest during the day while still being ‘part’ of the family area.

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