Dog Meet Dog World Dr. Jane’s Welcome Home article Dr. Jane’s Welcome Home article includes a section she calls “In a Dog Meet Dog World” discussing how to invite an additional pet into your home. She explains the importance of welcoming your new pet with personal items (their own bed and their own toys for example) while also making your new addition to the family feel a part of. The article shares how to welcome home your new puppy.

We have welcomed several new families into our Forever Family heart. We have also delivered puppies to Forever Families who already have an English Cream Golden Retriever from previous litters. We love Dr. Jane and Dr. Sarah’s articles and want to share them with our readers as well.

We want each of our Wisteria Golden Forever Families to enjoy their new addition to their family and we are devoted to providing resources and information to help you be a success!

Read More Here: Welcome Home, New Pet! Now What! By Dr. Jane

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The brand you feed is the most important decision you can make as a pet parent.

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