Caged Eggs and Dog Food Humane Society Report Viewer Discretion is Advised Caged Eggs and Dog Food may be disturbing but the Humane Society has uncovered an abusive and saddening truth about caged eggs. Although this report has focused on Costco the industry standard effects many of our eggs as well as the eggs used in the recipes to make dog food (manufactured as well as homemade).

In addition to this being a heartbreaking situations for the birds the eggs from these heartbreaking situations are often unsafe to eat. The report released in summer of 2015 by the Humane Society states the distributors of these eggs often use misleading advertisements. So, how do you know if your eggs or the eggs used to prepare your dog’s food are healthy?

If the video isn’t showing up for you visit YouTube here to watch The Humane Society of the United States video report

Life’s Abundance takes great care to ensure they use healthy ingredients, manufacture the food and treats in healthy kitchens, and they deliver the product directly to your home so you receive fresh food which hasn’t been contaminated during the long journey through middle man warehousing and uncertain storage, transport, and commercial store (big warehouse store) situations. Your dog’s food isn’t riding in the distribution center truck with unknown and often undetected hazards.

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