Sammie (Honor/Thor) We absolutely love her!! She's very smart and a quick learner-

Hey Debbie,

Just wanted to give you an update on Sammie since I would love for you to know how she’s doing.

We absolutely love her!! She’s very smart and a quick learner- she’s learned all her basics and even rings a bell to go potty(on a leash of course). We are training her to retrieve ducks which takes work but she gets so happy when she does it. Sammie loves to swim and loves food haha. She’s very much a mommas girl but switches to be a daddy’s girl when she wants something from him. She’s growing so quickly which makes us sad but excited to see how much she is changing everyday. We are very very pleased with her and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate getting to call her ours.

Thank You!


Sammie is currently 44 pounds and will be 10 months this September. Thor and Honor 11-25-14. Pink girl.

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