Dog Safe Holiday Basics Keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe and happy all year!Holidays are a great time to decorate, have family and friends over, and enjoy special times together. It is essential to have your dog in mind during this time. There are decorations, plants, people, other pets, and routine changes to consider.

Avoiding toxic items (foods, plants, decorations), keeping your pet in mind when adding anything to your home, or changing the routine can all contribute to health, safety, and contentment of your dog during anytime of the year but especially during the holiday season when the activity commonly picks up to a hustle and bustle.

Dog Safe Holiday Basics

Plants such as Lilies associated with winter holidays, fresh holly (especially the berries) and mistletoe, are toxic to pets. There are foods safe for people often including in the holiday treat menu which should not be accessible to your dog.

Safe, healthy, and happy people and pets are possible with a persistent focus on everyone (people and pets) who will be included in the holiday festivities.


  • Routine changes,
    • Prepare your dog for routine changes if possible by familiarizing him/her with any new social situations to become comfortable with.
  • Decorations,
    • Consider the materials used, are they toxic?
    • Are they a potential obstacle issues? In other words is this decoration going to be set in the flow of traffic and potentially knocked over?
  • Food and snacks,
    • Are the foods or snacks being served and their ingredients (if you prepare them at home) toxic for pets? Will guests know not to share with your dog?
  • People (guests, children, and other pets),
    • A dog can navigate just about any situation when given socialization training to become familiar with and comfortable with what to expect. You foresight and planning will give your dog the best opportunity to enjoy the holidays with you and avoid incidents.
  • Plants,
  • Emergency numbers (after hours contact information).
    • Ask your veterinarian how to contact her during after hours. Remember offices are often closed for holidays and will provide you with instructions in case of an emergency.

Keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe and happy all year!

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