Dr Sarah Trick or TreatAs Halloween approaches we would like to revisit this video with Dr Sarah discussing ways to keep healthy in tricks or treats. Keep nutrition, safety, and socialization in mind.

  • Keep your dog safe from exploring outside.
  • Keep your dog healthy with pet safe nutritious treats.
  • Have a safe holiday.

Pet Talk Video: Trick or Treat with Dr Sarah


Click here to watch Pet Talk Trick or Treat with Dr Sarah

Hope you enjoy all the ghosts and goblins out this week.

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We love to provide information to our families to support and increase optimal health of their puppies, as well as into adulthood increasing the longevity of their life!

The brand you feed is the most important decision you can make as a pet parent.

Visit our resource page: (https://wisteriagoldens.com/healthy-pets/) and let me know if you have any questions.