Spaying and Neutering before and afterThere are many reasons to consider spaying and neutering your dog.  Wisteria Goldens recommends waiting until they are fully grown, due to the health concerns, however, personality, behavior, and what is best for your family situation are also things to consider. This is an overview checklist, resource list, and informative questions to ask.

When Do I Spay or Neuter — The Truth About Spaying and Neutering

This article will discuss preparation for Spaying and Neutering Before and After:

  1. Preparing your pet for surgery.
  2. Preparing your pet, yourself and family members for what to expect after surgery.
  3. Important questions to ask your veterinarian before and after spay or neuter surgery.

Keep the following in mind and ask your veterinarian about these suggestions as each pet is an individual.

Spaying and Neutering Before and After Preparing Your Pet for Surgery

Ask your veterinarian for advice about preparing your dog for surgery. Also, be aware of post surgical preparations so they are set in place for your pet’s return home.

Important Things to Ask Your Veterinarian:

  1. Will our dog be fasting before surgery?
  2. If fasting what time will his last feeding before surgery be allowed?
  3. Can he have water while fasting?
  4. If applicable, will medications or supplements be withheld during fasting?

Spaying and Neutering Before and After Post Surgical Preparations

Ask your veterinarian for advice about post surgical care in advance so you are prepared before returning home with your dog. In general it is advised to have the following preparations after surgery.

  1. A comfortable place for your dog to rest,
  2. Limit other pets or young children from unsupervised interaction,
  3. Keep on hand bedding change and incision site dressing (as directed by your veterinarian), and
  4. Try to prevent overexertion (such as running, jumping, etc.).

Important Things to Ask your Veterinarian:

  1. When to return for an aftercare checkup,
  2. What signs or symptoms should be reported immediately,
  3. How long before regular activity can be resumed, and
  4. When would it be safe (how long should you wait) to bath your dog after surgery.

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Making the Decision to Neuter Your Pet

“The normal behavior of an un-neutered dog is often incompatible with being a household pet.” Animal Health Foundation

In many cases the surgery will not instantaneously render your dog incapable of reproducing or change behaviors overnight.