Dog Language from the heart. Have you wondered if your dog is communicating love and happiness with you? Dogs communicate with body language to express their heart’s desireDog Language From The Heart: Have you wondered if your dog is communicating love and happiness with you? Dogs communicate with body language to express their heart’s desire. The most prominent desire of an English Cream Golden is to please us. They love to know we are delighted with them. Praise is our way of telling our dog we are delighted.

There are many signs of praise a dog will understand such as the tone of voice, familiar words or phrases, and our body language as well. The following article lists the top ways you can provide this assurance to your dog and how to read his/her communication to know if your praise has been received.

Dog Language: Is Your Dog Happy?

These are a few of the ways we can ‘see’ and translate a dog’s ‘From the Heart’ body language. These are ways your dog is reflecting love and happiness.

  1. Tail Wagging,
  2. Following you around the house,
  3. Sleeping near you (while you are sleeping, working, or sitting),
  4. Rolling over in a ‘I would like a belly rub’ pose,
  5. Bringing you a toy in a ‘let’s play together’ gesture,
  6. Empathizing with you (mood, emotion, or illness),
  7. Alerting you to someone at the door, or
  8. Looking at you with attentive eyes.

There are many other ways your dog may be communicating love and happiness with you. Watch his/her body language for cues to translate these sometimes subtle gestures and behaviors. If you aren’t seeing many of them, look at the following list for ways you can communicate love and delight with your dog.

Dog Language: Did You Tell Her/Him You are Delighted?

These are the top ways to communicate love and delight with your dog. Then watch for the response (some are listed in the above list) to determine how well your message was received.

  1. Your tone of voice is happy,
  2. You say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Good Girl/Boy!’ to communicate with your dog when her/his behavior pleases you,
  3. Your hands are gentle when you touch your dog (petting, grooming, playing, and so on),
  4. Your mood is consistently appreciative when providing your dog with daily needs (food, water, playtime, going outside, and so on).
  5. Your dog can rest assure ‘life’ with you is contentment for both of you because the overall tone of her/his environment is interwoven with respect and thoughtfulness,
  6. Routines are relatively consistent (reducing stress and uncertainty), and
  7. You can be depending upon when he/she needs your intervention or leadership.

You dog is a member of your family and communication is the most important skill to learn so each of you will understand and build trust and happiness together.

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