Online Medical for Dogs Checklist – Best Use of Online InformationThis article will provide our tips about the proper use of the information we can find online on medical information websites. We will be focusing on the ability to learn more about our dog’s health so we know what questions to ask a veterinarian in person.

Rather than use the information found on medical sites to diagnose and treat issues, we would like to see more people use them to prepare a checklist of questions for the veterinarian. We have also included three ways to explore online informational sites, so the process of how to qualify the information, is readily available.

Online Medical Guide Checklist for Dogs – Best Use of Online Information

1. When your veterinarian makes a diagnosis and you want to research.

2. When you are preparing for a veterinarian appointment and have questions to prepare.

3. When you are considering alternative approaches to treatment (take notes about your recommendation to show the veterinarian).

Online Medical Guide Checklist for Dogs Resources

We Suggest:

1. Nutrition, Health and Wellness: Dr Jane

Dr Jane is a holistic veterinarian who has established her expertise by forming a foundation, developing exceptional foods, supplements, and products for dogs, and her work has consistently contributed to healthy life and wellness for countless dogs and cats.

2. Dr Sarah incorporates daily living into a health and wellness lifestyle to educate pet parents on the topics which are most important each day. Visit Dr Sarah on “Pet Talk” with Dr Sarah.

High Quality Sources of Information

Is the person or group presenting advice as an educated, experienced, and competent provider of health, wellness, medical, nutritional, or applicable care for dogs?

The following article has a remarkable checklist about how to qualify the sources and Dr. Jane says “The quality of information that people find through search engines can vary a lot.” She continues to provide 5 Tips. Closing with this important note: “Just remember, Dr. Search Engine is not a stand-in for the irreplaceable services of and relationship with a real, live veterinarian.” Be Wary of Dr. Search Engine

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