english cream golden retriever training health blogHave you taken a Dog CPR Class recently? Today we would like to discuss the importance of taking a class, how often we recommend taking a Dog CPR Class, and where to find a class nearest you.

The best resources we recommend include Dog CPR as part of a course to learn how to respond in an emergency, basic first aid, and being prepared for urgent care situations.

Dog CPR Class Who should learn Dog CPR?

Simply put; anyone who owns a dog should have at least one class in Dog CPR. The class should cover both puppy and adult dogs.  Anyone who works with dogs (trainers, dog walkers, etc.) should have an initial training as well as routine refresher classes.

Ask the Dog CPR Class facilitator if you can enroll family members as well as your pet. This is a good way to involve everyone in the training, practice together, and ensures everyone will know what to do in case of an emergency. If there are dog trainers in your area they may have also taken Dog CPR Training Courses (so they are qualified to train others).

Dog CPR Class Refresher

If you are routinely practicing the skills you learn during the class then a refresher is suggested every 3 years. If you are not practicing the skills you have learned in a Dog CPR Class then you may consider taking the course more often.

Refresher classes are especially important when you are working with pets (Dog walkers, trainers, dog show personal, and so on). To ensure you are prepared to respond in an emergency. Keep records of your training and practice what you have learned often.

Dog CPR Class Near You

The Red Cross has been a leader in CPR training. But, did you know they also offer specialized classes (certifications programs) for Wilderness and Remote First Aid, Sports Injuries (for coaches), and Pet First Aid Courses (Dog, Cat, or Dog and Cat).

In each class you will learn how to care for wounds, cardiac emergencies, urgent care situations, administering medicine, and so on. The classes provide you with information, practice, and preparation to protect yourself and your pet in an emergency.

Being prepared for an injury or emergency is a great way to ensure you and your pet will work together in the case of unexpected emergencies or disasters.

Contact the Red Cross for more information about Dog CPR First Aid Classes in your area.

Dog CPR Resources:

Red Cross

Wilderness Sports and Pet First Aid Classes

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