As warmer weather approaches we are thinking about socialization for our dogs. The list of opportunities you have in mind, such as camping, outings, nature walks, and so on, are likely to include some of our favorites as well. The preparation checklist is relatively basic in every case.

Contemplate the socialization experiences and practice them as closely as possible so you and your pet are prepared for each experience along the way. Visualize and create similar situations for your outing. If you are considering camping, this video will walk you through some important elements of preparation, and provides Dr. Sarah’s expertise and tips.

Camping Preparations Video

Camping Preparations Packing

Dr. Sarah mentions a list (camping supplies and first aid kit). These are located on her blog here: Camping with Your Canine Companion

In addition to socialization at home, such as setting up a tent in the backyard (as described in the above video), you can take a day trip to practice what you have learned together. The area where you practice should be similar to where you are going camping (if possible). Take one or two day trips and then stay in the tent in your backyard when you return home.

The primary goal of socialization is allowing both you and your pet adjustment time so you are both aware of what is expected and how you each will respond to it. Communication practice, great treats, and praise will make your practice time enjoyable, productive, and perhaps just as much fun as camping will be.

Camping Preparations Resources

Camping with Your Canine Companion

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