guide dog marathon scout and eric This is a way for dogs and their owners to help, support, and become part of an ongoing effort to provide guide dogs for people who need them. This story is about Scout, Eric, and how Guide Dogs Walkathon has helped provide Eric with a remarkable guide dog. The events help to support many areas of the service including training. Read more to find out how you can find an event in your area.

Important Note: Walking is healthy for large breed dogs, but, extended distances need to be reserved for older dogs (18 months or older) who have gradually built strength and agility. An exercise trainer and coach consultation are recommended to evaluate your dog’s health and candidacy for physical work before you embark on a walkathon activity. Read more in our Dog Walk Run Safety Guide

Guide Dogs Walkathon Community

There are many community activities to choose from and many of them are major producers and contributors to amazing causes. One such cause and event is a Walkathon to benefit

The events are nationwide and sponsored by a wide range of organizations in each location. The consistent element in each of them is dogs walking with handlers to raise money for the Guide Dog non-profit organization who provides Guide Dogs to training programs.

Guide Dogs Walkathon Helped Eric

This video is the inspiration story for this post. It is about Scout and Eric, how they met, trained together, and now work together.

The remarkable thing about Guide Dogs Walkathon is even if your dog isn’t a guide dog he or she can be a part of the cause to provide training and resources for dogs like Scout who grow up to work with people like Eric. It is remarkable the benefits and freedom having a guide dog brings to everyone. Both dog and owner have a bonding friendship. Many people along the way (from birth through training and placement) have the opportunity to also bond with the dogs and their future owners.

Guide Dogs Walkathon Involvement and Events

The process is amazing. Then the best part of all is people like Eric have a new freedom and improved quality of life, more independence, and they are given new opportunities they would not have had without the gift of a companion dog with specialized training.

Join a walkathon in your area or contact GuideDogsWalkathon.Org for more ways you can help.

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