Dora's Miracle video. She found her way home after being lost for 7 months There are many reasons a forever home may not be forever.  The article explores two events, career changes, and becoming lost,  how to prevent the preventable and how to assist in situations which aren’t preventable.

We hope these situations do not happen to you or your pets. But, it is good to be informed and prepared for the possibility.

Forever Homes Career Change – Retirement

Much like our own lives, dogs that have jobs may have career changes or retirement events during their lives. In the case of a guide dog (for example) a career change event may happen while he or she is still a young puppy within the first year. The dynamics vary but in general this means the puppy is not meeting all of the proper criteria to be a guide dog. In these cases the dog will undergo a career change and will be looking for a companion (or another job description) adoption.

The Guide Dogs of America have one such adoption program for the amazing dogs that have retired from their career as a guide dog, have changed their career, retired, or any other reason. You may know someone who is interested in adopting one of these dogs: Read More Here.

Forever Homes – Lost

We have published a guide about our belief in the need for each dog to have a microchip yet there are still many pets that do not have this identification.  One of the reasons a forever home change accrues in a pet’s life is sadly from being lost. An unexpected situation where our pet is startled could turn into a search and rescue mission

This video shows how one pet found his way back home after 7 months of being lost.  If not for the microchip he may have never found his way back home.

Dora was reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in Mckinney, TX.

Forever Homes aren’t always forever. We wish they could be but, as you can see there are situations which interfere with our hopes for them. Take a moment to review our microchip article and share this page with your friends and family.

IMPORTANT: Microchip Registration Message Is your pet’s microchip registered and up-to-date contact information on file?

Please be certain your pet’s microchip registration is active and up-to-date. Read more about microchips and how they can help reunite pets with their family read “Minimize Stress When Moving with Your Pets”  bought to you by Life’s Abundance.

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