Sharing Puppy Training Guide You can eliminate the need to ‘teach’ your puppy to share by adopting these simple tips and training habits. Alternately, if you notice an issue with sharing, you can teach your puppy to share by adopting these concepts. This Puppy Training Guide can be adopted at any age.

Sharing Puppy Training Guide Introduction

Sharing. Puppies are born with a natural awareness of sharing. Right from the start they are sharing their mother with their siblings. So it is natural for them to understand sharing. When the concept is muddled a bit is usually as they are sharing with other pets (in their forever home for example) or with family members (other children and adults who live in their forever home).
At the first sign of a problem in this area avoid the automatic response to scold. Use the ‘drop it’ command while offering something else which is not an item with a sharing requirement.
I got a bit ahead of myself. Make sure your puppy has personal items (toys or a favorite bed) which you will never expect them to share. This way you have something to offer in exchange for an item which is in question.

Sharing Puppy Training Guide Simple Tips

Puppy Training SeriesSigns sharing might be an issue:
  • — Your puppy is tugging at a toy another pet or child is currently playing with. Note: Not to be confused with playful tugging. Goldens tug playfully so this sign could be playful instead of an issue with sharing.
  • — She changes interests depending on what other pets are playing with. She wants what they have until they have something else.
Puppy Training SeriesWhen any of these signs arise, and during your routine training sessions, use the following gestures, commands, and praises.
  • — While taking away an item offer something she will not be asked to share (as mentioned earlier).
  • — Praise her for accepting the offered item.
  • — When you see her ‘sharing’ without being asked give her praise again.
  • — With another person or pet, play ”share” where each participant takes turns giving the shared item to another participant. Note: Have at least the number of items as participants so each (including yourself) has at least one item throughout the ‘game’
Sharing, as discussed earlier, is a natural personality trait for dogs and especially the English Cream Golden Retriever who is delighted to please you and welcomes the opportunity to learn from you. She has her heart set on your praise and approval. Make sure you use every (earned) opportunity to show your puppy you are pleased with him/her.

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