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Dr. Jane’s Foundation has given financial assistance awards to many organizations who are taking realistic steps to issues effecting pets which cause abandonment, overpopulation, and homelessness. Organizations who take affirmative action to provide training pet parents, reducing shelter populations, and improving the lives of at risk pets.

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The great news is we can all be a part of this simply by purchasing Life’s Abundance products.

We use Life’s Abundance because it is the best choice for our English Cream Golden Retriever dogs and puppies. The healthiest ingredients promote the best overall health. It is a win-win choice to feed this to our pets and to also know we are supporting an amazing foundation who is passionate about improving the health and well being of  pets all around the country.

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We can all help!

Every pet deserves a loving and healthy forever home. Life’s Abundance Foundation has strategically created a combination response to the issues with healthy food, organizations who train forever families, coordinate adoptions, recommend health care, and prolifically make huge impacts on the progress toward long term solutions for homeless pets.

The remarkable work the foundation is doing to improve the lives of pets with nutrition and supporting organizations who are verified and making a difference is a small part of the motivation to support them.

Closer to Home. The primary motivation is to provide our own pets with the best possible nutrition. We use Life’s Abundance and have confidence in the nutritional value of the products. Your pet’s and our pet’s health and well being are our primary goal.

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