English Cream Golden Retriever Therapy DogsOver the years we have watched puppies born at Wisteria Ranch. We watch them socialize, begin to grow, we begin to see their own unique personality, and then, when they are ready, we part ways and they move to their forever home. Later we hear how they are doing, see photos of how grown up they are,  and often we hear they have found a calling.

The first job an English Cream Golden Retriever encounters in life is the job of ‘companion’ as they are remarkable in the art of friendship. Testimonials are submitted to us often and include the sweet sentiments about how each puppy has captured the hearts of their new family and the hearts of everyone they meet as well.

Another kind of ‘job’ story we are proud to hear about is when a Wisteria Ranch puppy grows up to become a service dog or therapy dog. The wide variety of job titles he or she could learn to do is unlimited.

Recently I was looking for stories to share on our blog and was delighted to find and share about the Dog Scouts of America and Library Jobs for Dogs. What I didn’t realize at the time is we really didn’t need to research the news to find amazing stories, because there are so many testimonials describing our very own Wisteria Ranch dogs and the remarkable paths they are taking.

First…I would like to introduce you to CJ and Barley.

English Cream Golden Retriever Therapy Dogs from Wisteria Ranch

CJ (Violet-Harley) aka Red Boy born 01-23-2013

CJ has learned how to be a PTSD specialist therapy dog.  His certification is Service Dog. He is reported to have a clear sense of his schedule regarding work and play. He has this concept mastered so when he is at home “he is all puppy” and while he is at work (with his vest on) he is a professional service dog.

Barley (Sugar-Aspen) born 02-27-2010

Barley is a natural when it comes to helping people feel better. His kind, gentle, and affectionate disposition combined with how much he enjoys making people feel better, combine to enhance his service in settings such as nursing homes.

Next up… Companion Dogs.

English Cream Golden Retriever Companion Dogs

Of course it is remarkable to hear about the amazing fields and vocations the puppies we adore grow up to serve in. We couldn’t be prouder of them. But, most of all, the Wisteria Ranch puppies are all celebrated for their ability to evoke the following kind of testimonial. About Cutter (Zoey-Harley) born 07-28-2012, Brad wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks for such an amazing friend. He literally does everything with me. – Brad

The testimonials we receive always touch our hearts. Testimonials like this one, we received about Baxter (Rory-Buddy) born 12/16/09, and how he has been in continuous intensive training to serve  his new family, remind us how important it is to give each puppy an early start in a training routine.

With or without a ‘job’ what is most amazing about Wisteria Ranch puppy testimonials is the love and companionship they  continue to give to us right from the start, to each of their new homes as soon as they arrive, and to each new person they meet along the way. It is a treasure how they can so easily warm our hearts. Today, as we share these remarkable testimonials, we are reminded why we love what we do. We are grateful to be dedicated to give your future companion the best possible start.

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