English Golden Retriever library dog article image License: CC0 Public DomainDogs are companions. They are assisting a wide variety of people in all walks of life. The remarkable way they engage with people gives dogs an advantage in many jobs ordinarily suited for people. One such remarkable job is working in a library.

Dogs are assisting children who are learning to read.

At first glance we might wonder how a dog can help a child learn to read. The reasons are many, but, the most apparent are how a dog relaxes a child so they are free from the stress of learning a difficult task.
There are many reasons children may struggle while learning to read. One of the most common symptoms of the struggle is anxiety. The concern that they will not read well may give a child a sense of insecurity.

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A well mannered pet can change all of that by providing a comfortable space, a safe and accepting space, where they can read and not feel self conscious about making mistakes.

These are specialized therapy dogs.

The training is specific and relatively similar to other therapy dog program certifications. When your dog becomes a registered therapy dog the scope of the service you can provide together is astonishing. Read more about the R.E.A.D. Program and the dogs and their handlers on the Library Dogs website.


Dogs who have completed a basic therapy training program and are registered qualify to participate in reading programs at libraries, schools, and children’s reading programs.
This may be a good fit for a dog who is in a continuing education program to become an emotional support or service dog in any specialty.

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