English Cream Golden Retriever Leadership Training ApproachWhen you take on the responsibility of becoming a dog owner you are taking on a leadership role. Many leaders have come to the conclusion when there is a problem in the organization the problem is often with the leadership approach. Many teachers have learned this as well. When a class is experiencing challenges, and other methods seem to be ineffective, there is probably a problem with the way a subject is being taught.

When we are training a family companion, if the problems seem complicated, and we are not getting the results we want, the problem may be in the training approach.

English Cream Golden Retriever Leadership Approach to Dog Training Comparison

Whenever anyone consults with a trainer about the challenges they are having working with their dog, upon observation, there are usually problems in the way the training has been approached. The same theme occurs in cases where children seem to be out of control. We have watched an episode or two of the reality show where a super nanny arrives to observe the problem, in most of the cases, the nanny is working more closely with helping the parents make some changes in how they are communicating with the children.

The lesson in these training tips is to change the focus off of the behaviors, onto discovering how the trainer can revise the approach and revise the communication method, so the problem can be resolved. When we begin as pet owners with a sense of responsibility for the results, and we spend our energy on developing a communication relationship with our dogs, our results are greatly improved.

English Cream Golden Retriever Leadership Approach to Dog Training Questions

Consider your approach and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the training routine fun?
  2. Is the training routine anticipated with enthusiasm?
  3. Is the curriculum being taught building upon skills already mastered and then adding a new small challenge?
  4. Are the praise and celebration segments nurturing and timely ? Is your dog understanding what behaviors are being celebrated?
  5. Are the skills you are teaching age and personality appropriate?
  6. Are the behaviors you are expecting realistic?
  7. And finally, is your communication consistent?

If you have found yourself at a gap, are struggling to lead your dog past unwanted behaviors, and you want to build a bridge over to having fun with your training again, take a little time to evaluate your leadership technique and apply what you learn to the relationship development with your dog.

English Cream Golden Retriever Leadership Training Approach

Anticipating the next command with focused attention and enthusiasm

There are a few things to remember.

  1. Leadership is a learned skill. There are few born leaders. It takes skill, practice, and training to become a leader.
  2. Leadership techniques are best when they are focused on relationship building,
  3. Our companion will often mirror our attitude toward training, so as we focus our attention, on consistent engagement during training so will she.
  4. Communication skills are an ongoing process which will add to and enhance progressive positive results.

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