Housetraining Tips Post CJ-MAY-2014-16-months-old

Housetraining Tips

Occasionally I have someone ask me about using housetraining pads. NO, do not use these!
I cannot even think of a reason why anyone would want to.
They may provide convenience for not having to take the puppy outside when it is raining, cold, or you live in an apartment where it’s inconvenient to go out frequently.  However, you are sending a mixed message to your puppy that relieving themselves inside your house is okay!  Why would anyone do that?

Housetraining Takes Time

It will take much longer to house-train a puppy using these pads, and some smaller breeds will never be house-trained.  (I use my mom’s little dogs as a reference)
I am not sure who invented housetraining pads, and I am not sure why, but can you tell I strongly disagree with using them?
Here at Wisteria Goldens, we don’t even use newspapers when the puppies are very young.  We use bedding that we change regularly.  We want the puppies to learn to keep their living area clean.
At 3 – 4 weeks, depending on how well they are walking around,  we move them to an area that has a doggie door. The mom teaches them to use this door and is another reminder to keep their living area clean.
Any puppy allowed to live in an area of newspapers, next to their food and water, sets them up for thinking it is okay to relieve themselves in their living space.  We have a clear distinction for them for living, sleeping, eating, and drinking vs. using a place for going potty.
Our families have told us many times our puppies have very few if any accidents when they go to their “forever” home. We try hard here to work on setting the puppies up for success.
Housetraining requires time, consistency, routine, and time (yes, I said it twice). The more you put into setting up a foundation for success, the easier and faster the puppy is house-trained!

Housetraining Book Recommendation

An excellent book for owners of a new puppy is The Puppy Primer, by Patricia B. McConnell.
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