I searched online, talked to other dog owners throughout the country and vets. Everyone had an opinion on where and how to look for an English Cream Golden Retriever.

After performing extensive research, and interviewing the breeders. I decided to purchase an “English Cream Golden Retriever” from Wisteria Goldens in Arkansas.

Debbie, is the owner and she really put in the most care for the Male puppy I chose. She specifically would not drive from Arkansas to Dallas, Tx, unless the weather was not above 85 degrees. This was for the puppies health. She did not want him to takeoff from Dallas, TX to San Jose, CA in hot weather. Fortunately this was not the case.

Debbie arranged all the documents. She even informed me that the puppy was already micro chipped and all I had to do was just register with the AKC, provide the registration number and it was all free and taken cared off. :)

My puppy flew in the morning. I drove to San Jose airport early and waited in baggage claim for my new family member to come out.

I tell you, my new puppy came out in style. He flew in an awesome travel crate, which had bowls for food and water. He also had a soft pillow cushion to lay on and his favorite chew toy.

Once I saw the travel crate and opened for the first time, I absolutely fell in love. He was so happy when I took him out.

The description of how the puppy’s personality and health was spot on with what Debbie told me.

I have had my puppy for almost 3 weeks now. I was really nervous at first when I purchased online and out of state without ever having met Debbie and the puppy. I am so happy I did. I have had muts before (they were the best dogs) and now I have my first pure breed who has been wonderful so far.

Did I mention he came to us 99% potty trained for outside. Well worth what I invested into our new family member.

Thank you Wisteria! My experience was Magnificent to say the least!