lifesabundance-largebreedpuppyfoodYour pet’s food needs to be handled as safely as your own food does. You might not be aware that your pet’s food can become contaminated with bacteria like salmonella. It’s always wise to purchase pet food in a bag that is not torn anywhere and we don’t think it’s wise to purchase dented cans of dog food.

We realize it can be scary not knowing which food is safe for your pets, so we’ve listed several recommendations we know of from reputable sources to help you make wise decisions. On our own part, our complete preference at Wisteria Goldens is for Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Foods which can be impeccably trusted and which are great for all stages of a dog’s life from puppyhood through their senior years. We believe that the key ingredients used in Life’s Abundance dog foods are what make it superb. It’s not possible to get high quality with less-than ingredients.

  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends against feeding raw food to dogs because of the risk of illness to the pet as well as to people living in the household. Be sure to cook all people food you give to your dogs to eliminate all bacteria.
  • The CDC also recommends storing your dog’s food away from an area where human food is prepared. A clean plastic container with a lid is recommended.
  • The nutrients in dog food come under strong recommendation from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and National Research Council’s (NRC) here in the United States. The governing body for Europe is European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF). I mention them here simply to state that they don’t agree with one another, so it’s rather difficult to point to one and say “Follow this one.” You’ll have to decide for yourselves.
  • From the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there’s a substantial list for Pet Food Safety and Alerts.
  • Another list is provided by The Dog Food Advisor, Dr. Mike Sagman here.
  • The FDA weighs in on recalls and withdrawals from the market here.
  • There has been a long line of problems with dog food products produced in China. As a caution, there have been severe mislabeling problems; for example despite labeling claims, many contained no beef at all. Exercise caution in reading labels on your dog food to be sure where it’s produced, and that it’s not on any of the above lists. Use the Internet to research before you buy.

We wanted to share several links where you can check on your pet’s food safety, because there have been so many recalls on dog food. We here at Wisteria Goldens know you love your pets as we do and feel that feeding them responsibly and safely should be tantamount, and we hope you find these easy references helpful.