We have had lots of doggies and pups in our home for years… most were passing through…. but I have to say.. Pumpkin is just at the top of the list… We love her.. I don’t know how you gave her up.. she is adjusting to us now.. and and is becoming an angel… the barking is about 80 % less than it was the first 36 hours… She is happy now… and so precious and SMART… She remembers EVERYTHING.. and comes when I call her every time.. and is so loving… couldn’t have found a better pup for our family dog… My husband… who is not as much a doggie person as me..( and that is an understatement.. ;) ) He LOVES Pumpkin.. keeps loving on her and saying..” You are the BEST PUP WE EVER HAD”… I just roll my eyes.. What in the world makes him LOVE this pup? so much?? But. then again.. so do I.. Thanks, Debbie.. she had my heart the first time I saw her face.. can’t believe she is ours!! I’m so lucky!!