Hi Debbie, Just got back from our mini vacation, decided to come home a little early. I am sure you would love to hear how Lola is! She is doing great, and we are so pleased with her. She gets along great with Leo, Missy and our cat. I see changes in her each week, she is so busy loves to explore anything and everything. She has an absolutely amazing personality, she is very smart and is learning fast. Everyone is our family just adores her, she has been so spoiled between all of them. More toys that she knows what to do with! I am attaching some pictures of Lola and Leo for you!!! They are such beautiful dogs!!!! Thank you again!!! I will be sure to send pictures as she matures!

Update: Hi Debbie, I thought I would send over some pictures of Lola, she is doing great and growing very fast! She is starting classes for puppy kindergarten and her CGC certification in a few weeks, we are really excited! Hope you enjoy the pictures!