hugo-picture1Who would have thought when women are using natural hormone replacement therapy their dogs would have side effects? It seems a connection has been made to the lovin’ and hugging women who are using HRT do to their pets when it is being applied the skin that is exposed. Our “furry” family members gain additional exposure when they lick the parts of the body that the hormone was applied to.

I was wondering how far reaching this was when reading this article at VIN News: Hormone Replacement Skin Products Affect Users’ Pets, Confound Veterinarians. The article continues with the effects to children and men. Men that are using testosterone gels are also at risk for unknowingly applying it to pets, children, and others.

What other lotions and creams are we applying that could put our animals at risk, especially when they are giving “kisses” and licking the skin we apply many lotions, sunscreens, bug repellent etc. to?

Just something additional to consider when using products on our bodies, which may be ok for us, but harmful to our pets, children, and other members of our families and friends.