Sunny NB Girls 29No matter how many times we have babies here at Wisteria Ranch it is a special time. Whether it is one of our calves being born or one of our English Cream Goldens having a litter — it is always a miracle of birth.

We have been raising Goldens for years, our oldest Goldens being American Goldens, Rusty (13) and Sadie (12). We love the Golden Retriever and are very blessed to be doing something we love.

This past week we had 5 litters of puppies, having this many litters at once is not something that we normally do, but I thought a great opportunity to document and write this journey of English Cream Puppies Everywhere.

We keep things quiet during the birth of the puppies. The majority of the time they come during the middle of the night. Some moms can have 10 puppies within a few hours and others a few puppies that takes 10 hours. As with humans, each birth is different and so is each litter. We have been raising the English Cream Goldens for about 5 years now. Our girls have always had easy births, but this last time we had two (2) cesarean sections within a few days.

Mollie had 10 puppies and we could tell there were more to come, but nothing was happening — she was pushing, but could not deliver the puppies. We took her to our vet and two of the puppies had tried to be born at the same time and were “jammed” in the birth canal. Mollie and her puppies are doing great!

Vega was our next c-section last week. She was laying around and was a day overdue for having her puppies. We knew that she would not have that many, as she wasn’t very big. After her laying around all morning, we called the vet to have her checked. She only had one puppy and he was a big boy. The vet said that sometimes when there is only one puppy the mom won’t actually go into labor and because he was a bigger puppy she most likely would have had trouble delivering him anyway.

While the puppies are being born we help the mom dry the puppies and get them to nurse. This helps release hormones for the mom for birthing her puppies and that first milk is so important for the puppies. Occasionally, we have a puppy that is not breathing when born. We can usually take a towel and “roughly” rub them and can stimulate them to start breathing. Other times, babies are born stillborn and we can’t save them.

We are the mid-wives and are there to help support and take care of mom while she is giving birth.

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