Around 6 week is when the most fun begins with our English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies!

The puppies require much more attention at this age and interaction with not only us, but with other environments, textures, and sounds. We begin with introducing the puppies to grass, dirt, tile floors, wood, and concrete.

Going on short walks in the fields and around our house gives them time to explore and check out new environments, while still having the security of their littermates to tag along.

Up until now, we have had crates in their sleeping area and most of the puppies pile into them together. It is during this time that we start putting them into the crates and closing the door for a few minutes each day to begin the crate training process.

Each puppy is starting to really develop their personality at this age. It is so much fun to watch the English Golden puppies growl, tug, and wrestle each other to the ground. Some of the puppies like to watch and then when the moment is right — strike! Others are there in the mix from the very beginning.

We add cardboard boxes, old tires, and PVC piping that allows them to crawl, hide, and play with new items and interact with each other differently, giving them new experiences while they are still with us and their littermates.

End of Birth to Home Series